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Say Strictly. Don’t Hang Again

Hello Everyone….

After Completing First Blog “https://gtech890.wordpress.com/2017/11/08/hey-have-you-wanted-to-stop-losing-clients/

This Is My Second Blog Regarding Most Facing Problem “Android Phone Hanging“.

Let’s Start.

          In A Word, In The City, In Society, Every Where Android User Is More Than IPhone Users. Because Of The Low Market iPhone Company is Selling Phone At Very Low Cost. So IPhone Users Are Increasing Slowly.

          In Mobile Market other Mobile Company Also Giving Same, Better And More Functionality Than The iPhone but OS Will Be Android. So Readers Your Problem Is Also One The Common Problem Of The Word.

          Your Headache Problem is Hanging Phone, Stop Responding, Not Responding, Heating, Low Battery Backup, Gadget Loading Problem, Song Automatically Playing-in Short Auto Responding App.

          This All Problem No Matters With Price, Brand And RAM-processor Also. So Is You Hear Anything Some Like To Give More Money For A low Hanging Phone.

It’s Totally Not True.

          Every And Each Company Never Make All Hardware In Their Industries. Some Of Hardware Like Battery, Processor, RAM And Many More. They Import From Other Industries And Purchase. So They Are Giving Warranty not A Guarantee.

          In My Office, I Face Client’s Reaction Like Their Application Is Not Working Properly. Using More Space That It’s Needed. They Request Us To Solve Problems Of Other IT Company created. In Short, We Are mobile App Development and website Development Service provider.

          Website Design, Graphic Design, App Testing, App Maintenance, Re-developing Service Providing Company. We Are Gteches.

I Consider you As My Client and You Are Requesting Me To help.

Dear Client,

  • First Thing

          Your Phone is Hanging Because. You Don’t Know How Much Load Your Phone Can Afford. You Are Using 4gb Ram Phone And You Installed More Than  50 Apps On Your Device And Running In The Background More Than 5 To 8. This Will Affect Directly To Your RAM. You App Accessing Process Will Be Higher, RAM Will Become More Busier And Starts Creating Heat.

  • Second Thing

          If You Playing game Or Surfing With More Than One Tab Then You Will Face Some Like “unfortunately Stop Responding”. In This Case You Are Running More Apps In The Background.

  • Third Thing

          Managing Data in External Memory And Internal Memory. Then Also Its Loading More When Using. Image, Song , App Everything Will Take Time To Load From Internal Or External Memory.

  • Fourth Thing

                                            Stop Giving Things …. Now Need Solution.

This Is Your Voice I Know.

In Solution nothing Big To Know. Just Think More For Knowledge And Use It For Solution.

          Your Phone is Depends On Only RAM, Processor And Memory Device. Your Low Configured Processor Is Not Able To Give An Output Of More Than 4 App Uses. Store Your Application In Some Limit. Use More External Storage Also.

           Reason Of External storage Is, In Internal Storage Your Phone Will Make Busy For More Than One Time, But In External Device It Will Take In Use When It’s Needed. So It Will Give Fast Output.

          Don’t Use unimportant Apps. Remove It From The Device And Its APK Don’t Store In Device Also. Its APK Also Use Space.

          Check Regular cache Folder. Time To Time Regularly Makes It Clean. This Type Of File Runs Automatically And Stops Also. Its Take In Use, Space Also. If Are Not Able To Find That Files Or Folder, Then Use The Cleaning App For That. This Will Helps You To Boost Your Phone Speed.

Using Internet Right?

          For Surfing using One Or More Browser. At A Time Using Both Better Surfing. This Is Not Good. Use Only One Browser. Because The Probability Of Virus Coming Will Be Low. Mostly Virus Comes From The Internet. Use Less Tabs Because Each Tab Tag Load From The Internet, RAM And Processor.

Use Antivirus. It’s Important To Do Surfing. Then Important To Use Anti-virus Also.

          Don’t Use one More Application At One Time. Your Second App Will Be Minimized When First Use. In Minimization Your App Will Take Performance From RAM When Not Using Also. So Close It When Not Using.

          Your Most favorite Problems. Your Phone Is Heating. You Think Your Phone Is Heating Because Of Your Battery. Not Its Not Perfectly True. Yes, When You Overcharge Your Phone Then It Will Heat. Normal Heating Is Common. But Apps Also Need Some Power For Its Graphical Use.

          So Just thing When You Are Playing Game, Then Mostly Graphics Will Load. With It, It Will Use More Than Power At A Time. This Also Reason Of Heating Phone.  

And Yes For Your Safety.

          Don’t Over charge Your Phone And Don’t Use When Charging. It Can Blast Also. First Close Power Supply. After Go Ahead. You Can Throw Your Phone Also.

Here Everything Done. Now You Can Use Your Phone Fearless.

         But One more For Your Safety. Never Make Addiction Of The Phone. Because Its Each And Every Part, It’s Harmful.

          We Are mobile App Developer. IPhone App Developer And Android App Developer Also. So Profit And Lose Both Side, We Know About Mobile Phones.

           iPhone’s Are giving Quality Hardware, But It’s Also Creating Heating And Bad Frequency. So Don’t Keep In Mind That Branded And Costly Phone Is Good For Everything.

          And When you Be Bored From Your Phone. You Don’t Know Now What Need To Do With Phone, Then Use “factory Reset” Option. This Will Make Your Phone Neat And Clean.

From Our Gtech Guys.

Be Safe And Make Safe.

Our Little Intro.

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