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Hey! Have You Wanted To Stop Losing clients.

Yeah. It’s Sad To Explain The Feeling Of Losing Clients.

What Is wrong With Us? Or what Is wrong With Them? We Are not Able To UnderstandWhat’shappening?

          Everybody Says They Are better and best in Service, But No One Is Proving That. I Think Most Of A Business Firm Or Companies Are don’t Know about Their Clients. What Clients requiring and What Companies Are serving.

General Think, Why Simple People becomes A Customer? Because Of Their Need. One Little Word ‘need’. It Can Be A Huge Business Maker For Them.

Do Pity For Your Business

Are There Anyone Reading This Blog That Doesn’t Know The Value Of Respected Clients.

Look This, Why Clients Are dancing in Your Head

  • Clients don’t Know About Your Business

          When You Get Some New Client And You Cannot Explain Or Understand What They Want. It Means The Client Is Not Sure About Your Business.

          Here Explain Your Business First Completely With Politeness. Each And Every Question Asked By Clients Will Be Irritative Or Senseless. You Just Think Your Client Is Small Baby And That Baby Need You. Treat Like Small Baby. Don’t Lose Your Mental Situation. Clients Have No Mind So They Have Full Rights To Torture You. That You Have To Tolerate.

One Time A Client Will Get You

  • Business is Not Looking Flexible

          Some Like. Your Having IT Company. Your Clients Are Asking About web-hosting Servicebut You Are Not Providing That Service. Here You Need To Mention Everything Regarding Your Business Properly. Web-hosting Service On Of Part Also. If You Are Not Providing That Then You Have To Plan Second Way.

Start Doing That Business Or Become A Friend Of Others With Same Business Owners.

          Here I Am Trying To Explain Make Your Business To Promote Easy As Possible As. Because Clients Have No Time For Deep Understanding. They Want Facility And Service In Time And Fast.

If You Are Providing app Development Service, Then Concentrate On It.

Make Your Client Happy With Business Promotion Like Us Gtech Guys

  • Don’t ready To Listen Clients

          Clients Expect Respect At Least From The Business Owner. Clients Continuing Or Not That Is A Second Thing. When He Came The First Time At That Time, Offer Them Tea And Ask For Their Dreams Regarding Business.

          Feel Free And Let Them Feel Also. They Are Not Only Asking For Support, But He Is Planning For Success With You Also. Give Them Full Sky To Fly. In Your Turn They Will Automatically Ask For A Plan Or A Balloon.

  • Not coming Second Time Or Not Listening Clients

          Wow. This Is A Big And Common Issue I Am Listening Everywhere. You Ever Asked Why Clients Are Not Turning Back. Why Clients Not Answering?.

          This Everything Is Because Of Bad Communication. When The Company Are Presenting Their Service With Average Speaking Style That Means They Have No Required Clients.

Be Gentle And Make Genuine Business

  • Don’t appreciate And Inspire

         Client Requirements Are Just A Project For Us, But This Project Is Someone’s Startup Of Business. We Are Business designer, But Clients Is Managing And developing.

          Here In This Case, The Client Needs Some Inspiration And Motivation Also. Start Building Business With Motivation And Appreciation. Every Client Is Aware With Their Business, But As Compare Of Their We Are Not. So It’s Important To Understand Their Requirements.

Our Work Perfection Will Speaks For Us. As Like Our Work Will Shout For Them

          From Client Side Business, Developing Is Important Than Our Short Time Work. The Project Can Be Run For 1 Month To 1 Year But After The Competition, It’s Important To Come Again.

  • Clients are Not Carrying

          After Work Completion Clients Are Not Talking And Not Completing Payments Also. This Complain Facing Everywhere. Clients Are Not Answered And When Talk Their Shouts.

    Why Clients Are Behaving Like This?

          When They Are Not Satisfied. Then They Will React Like This. To Overcome This Give Everything What They Need And What Can Be You Afford. Try To Be Caring For Customer. After Some Time Client Will Automatically Try To Care.

  • Some treatment With All Types Of Customer

          All Customers Are Same. Required Hard Work And In Return Gives Only Complain. They Are Not Satisfied With The Work. Because Of This. Every And Each Owner Thinks Comment.

          Here This Is Not True. Every Client Are Not Same. Some Of Clients Behave Like A Friend And Some Of Like A Business Partner. At The End Clients Are Human As Like You And Us. So Why Be Negative With Them.

Show Care For Clients And For The Project. These Two Things Will Work

  • Bad project Management

          The Client Requires Project In Some Time And Project Need More Time. Project Definition Is Not Cleared. The Client Is Unsatisfied. This All Problem Effects To Work Quality.

          This Everything Effects With The Company’s portfolio. Work Need To Deliver On Time. This Time Management Is Important. If It’s Not Possible, Then Explain To Client Properly And Ask More Time Politely. They Never Ignore You.

  • Client have No Trust

         Clients Are Not Happy. Not Ready To Talk Also. This Shows They Have No Trust. Because Of Bad Behaviors And No Quality Work They Hate Us.

This Behavior Makes No Trust With The Company

          Trust Building Is Very Hard. So Maintain It From First To Infinite. Give Confidence To The Client And Give Update Time To Time. So The Client Will Be Happy And Trust Will Be Improved.

  • Understanding Problem

What Client Is Required And What Stuff We Are Doing?

          This Is A Misunderstanding Symptom. Project Description Take In Written. Do Every Discussion With Talk, But Changes And New Task Always Take In Written.

          This Habit Will Make An Easy Way For You. The Client Also Will Be Happy With Your Work. Discusses Each And Everything In Written. Written Means It Will Be Anything Email Or Hard-copy, Anything.


 In One Line

We Are Losing Clients Because We Do Not Understanding They And Them Work.


In One Line

We Need To Improve Understanding And Communication Skill.


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