API Integration Service

API Integrations

Gtech is providing service for developing API and its integrations.

Without any programming, issue API Integrate successfully into your application. No bar for application type we are flexible for developing and it’s integrating. Client questions like what is API integration? How to integrate an API? this all type of question’s answer we will give with the demo as client requirement.

API Integration is trick to implement right thing in right way.

For the best website management and specially eCommerce website, need an API. API helps with website to run any platform or software. We offer API for any business like :

  • API for healthcare
  • API for travel
  • API for data integration
  • social networking API

Third Party API Support Providing Company.

  • integration in php
  • Payment Gateways
  • Accounting systems
  • Mapping Solutions
  • Email Services

Some of Status Code for API Management that we maintain in our development cycle.

  • 500 :- Internal Server Error: Here the stack trace should be logged and not returned as response.
  • 404 :- Not Found: No URL Response.
  • 403 :- Forbidden: Request send to server but not allowing accessing.
  • 401 :- Unauthorized: authentication requires.
  • 400 :- Bad Request: Invalid or no possible served link. i.e. JSON is not valid then this type of error will come.
  • 304 :- Not Modified: Not updated data, data comes from catch.

JASON, SOAP based API integration providing company.

  • 204 :- INo Content: Deleted resource.
  • 201 :- Created: New resource created.
  • 200 :- Ok: It's Working.

We have the best team for developing an API and integrate api into the website. First, we discuss ideas for the API, second we integrate it, third we communicate with the client and test it and finally website will be ready with its new functionality. Web api integration completes after client’s satisfaction.

Happy Client's Business.